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We are pleased to be able to present you our catalogue for the year 2016 and please let us show you our scope of activities in a few sentences.

Our price list includes more than 1300 different kind of perennials, ornamental grasses, herbs, ferns and annuals. In the price list we presented in detail how to use the specific species and their special needs, in order to help you with selecting your plants.

If you visit our homepage you will be able to get even more information about the plants we cultivate and about our perennial nursery. Gardeners, resellers, as well as users will find there a great amount of useful information concerning plants. In our homepage you can check our new introduction (Újdonságaink -link) and our sortiment as well (Katalógus link).In our catalogue we did not indicate the species that are cultivated on a smaller scale; you will find information about these also on our homepage or you can contact us by phone. You can find the list of our current selection (in which we indicate the plants that are blossoming or can be used as ornaments only for that time of the year) on our homepage or ask for it per email or fax.

In addition to this, our nursery deals with the cultivation and marketing of annual, biennial  plants. Beside the traditional annual plants (petunia, marigold, begonia, etc.) we cultivate several special new species, as well. The new species for this year are indicated separately. For further information please call us or visit our homepage.

Our site can be found in Szigetújfalu (30 kms from Budapest, 15 kms from Szigetszentmiklós, 8 kms from Ráckeve). In addition, we are present at the FloraHungaria exhibitions, at table No 445, awaiting our customers with perennials and annual plants.

You are welcome to order plants from us via fax, telephone, email, post or in person. In the case of a larger volume order we are able to give you reductions. In the case of a request we are able to transport the goods to the destination, as well.

The prices in the price list are net wholesale prices for goods bought at our site, they do not contain VAT (27 %) and are valid while stock last or until the publication of a new price list.

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday:7-16.30(in the season maybe more)

Saturday: in spring- 7-12


Our Address:

Beretvás Kertészet

Szigetújfalu,  2319, Petőfi Sándor street

Our telephone numbers (mobil):

István Patkós: 003670/5620009

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www. beretvas.hu 


We hope that we were able to help you with this catalogue and that you have become interested and will come to our site where our professional colleagues will be pleased to assist you.

We hope to see you at our nursery very soon!



Beretvás Nursery